We deliver

exceptional data visualizations

to serve finance & controlling professionals.


Data Visualisation

We are passionate data visualization artists and finance & controlling experts. We know and understand finance departments’ challenges and design highly performant Tableau dashboards to support their processes in the best possible way.

Data Engineering

We use SQL, Tableau Prep and other tools to prepare finance & controlling data and leverage advanced analytics. Our data sources are trustworthy and optimized for visualization purposes.

Inspiration & Training

We share all our tricks. Our talks and presentations inspire big audiences at conferences as well as small analytics teams. We conceptualize trainings which are 100% customized and empower our customers to maintain our solutions and to adopt them to future challenges.


Klaus Schulte

CO data and vizjockey.com are led by Dr. Klaus Schulte. Klaus is a professor of controlling at Münster School of Business at FH Münster in Germany. He won Iron Viz at Tableau Conference Europe in 2018 and has been recognized as a Tableau Zen Master.


Established in 2018, our blog has been a learning resource for people in 150 countries to date. Innovative ways to use Tableau are shared by a group of different authors. The Becoming a Tableau Desktop Specialist series has become a standard resource to prepare for Tableau’s Desktop Specialist Certification exam.

CO data

We are a virtual organization and happy to take opportunities everywhere in the world. We collaborate with local data visualization talents and data visualization experts from all around the globe.

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Dec 15, 2020

Business | Data Engineering

Setting up an Automated Data-Pipeline — From the Web to Tableau Public

In my work as an analyst and consultant as well as in my work at university, there are few things more satisfying to me, than building automated data-pipelines, with an effective and elegant Tableau or Tableau Public visualization as the icing on the cake: set up once – runs for a lifetime. There are countless […]

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Oct 12, 2020

Business | Collaborations | Tableau Techniques

Write-back for Everyone: Parameter Query Language for Tableau (Part 1)

by Rosario Gauna & Klaus Schulte Write-back for Everyone There are many use cases where it’s necessary to add user defined data to the existing data to do or to complete an analysis. Some typical examples: Sales/profit planning or forecasting: What will product group/customer/region sales be at the end of the year/next year? What will […]

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Aug 25, 2020

Business | Drill-Down | Tableau Techniques

Drill-Downs and Drill-Ups in Tableau without CONTAINS

As a constant visitor on Klaus’ blog I came across the blog series of Drill-Downs and Drill-Ups in Tableau. Rosario introduced the general technique in this post. Rosario and Klaus leverage the technique in their piece on Exploration Dashboards with Multiple Drill-Downs. Klaus, Rosario, and Robert Crocker also presented a use case in the context of P&Ls.

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Aug 13, 2020

Business | Chart Types | Collaborations | P&L | Table Calculations

Squared Sankey P&Ls in Tableau

Squared Sankey P&Ls in Tableau is a joint work of Liam Spencer & Klaus Schulte. Earlier this year, I (Klaus) published a P&L visualization, that grabbeb some attention on Twitter:


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